• Democratic Republic of Congo (2 men)
  • Kenya (2 ladies, 2 men)
  • South Africa (1 man)
  • Togo (3 men, 1 lady)
  • Uganda (7 ladies, 6 men)
  • Tanzania (2 ladies, 2 men)
  • Namibia  (2 ladies, 1 man)
  • Sénégal (1 man)

The generous total support of over $200,000 for these future leaders of Africa came from individual donors to Seeds of Heaven.

Seeds of Heaven is always happy to receive funds towards TTC scholarships. The demand for teachers of Transcendental Meditation is growing fast and many in Africa who would like to be teachers find the cost of the five months in-residence course is beyond their means.

Start a monthly donation of $50 or $100 for African Teacher Training today! Your gift will help aspiring teachers for future courses. Please contact us to set up a monthly donation, or simply make a one-time donation here.