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Creating Waves of Peace in the world

Seeds of Heaven's basic mission is to create waves, invisible waves of peace. This goal is practical and achievable. Read on.

Going to sea to save a reputation
Guigliermo Marconi first presented his radio to the world in 1895. At that time invisible radio waves were not accepted ideas. People thought he was insane, or that he was using hidden wires or tricks.  Marconi made a radio broadcast from a ship at sea to show that his radio was not directly connected to the source. He saved his reputation and he started a revolution.
120 years later, everyone in the world takes radio and TV for granted; billions of us use cell phones every day. We all accept the idea that we live in an invisible field of radio waves — even if we do not understand how it works. Marconi’s story shows how it takes time for peoples’ thinking to shift to a new view of the world.As real as radio, a new technology of creating peace - the Maharishi Effect

As real as radio, there is a technology to create peace.

Scientists call this technology the "Maharishi Effect" after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  (Maharishi was the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program.)Over the past 35 years, the Maharishi Effect has enabled groups of people to use advanced techniques of meditation to create a peaceful influence in society. Like radio, the Maharishi Effect works invisibly. Just as there were for radio, there are skeptics. But the research on the Maharishi Effect is solid. More than twenty peer-reviewed studies have been published. They show that groups of advanced meditators reduce negative trends — crime, accidents, and even war deaths — in their cities and countries. Maharishi Effect is based on a deep new principle —  that human Consciousness can influence the surroundings. Everyone has actually experienced this effect in simple ways. For example, in the house of a happy family, you simply feel good. You do not want to leave. The happy Consciousness of the family pervades the house. In the same way, when a group of people experiences a settled state of Consciousness through meditation, the settled influence spreads out beyond the group.

Creating Peace in Mozambique

Whole countries have embraced the Maharishi Effect. In the early 1990s, for example, Mozambique was suffering through a 15-year civil war and great economic hardships. President Chissano allowed thousands of soldiers to learn to practice advanced meditation together. Their group meditations produced the Maharishi Effect for Mozambique. Peace was established and prosperity began to rise.