EDAPO Primary School, Uganda

students all in lines 500

     Economic Development and Aids Prevention Organization (EDAPO) in Central Uganda supports 600 HIV/Aids Orphans and children at risk. EDAPO has its own primary school for 356 children.

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EDAPO is using the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique to create more hopeful outcomes for the children.
TM has been well documented to improve academic performance, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve health.

The students practice the Transcendental Meditation technique twice together a day.

classroom meditation

Children walking meditationYounger children practice a special "walking meditation" technique.

     One-time donation. All amounts welcome.



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  Click on the picture below to see the video.Eating
Fresh, organic food. The orphanage grows its own food.

An atmosphere of warmth and love. Foster parents appreciate the need to nurture and protect the tender hearts of these children who are either without family or living away from home.

Free medical and dental care, complementing the health benefits of TM.

Standard academic disciplines in preparation for Secondary School.

EDAPO Primary School has earned an excellent reputation for its orderliness and success in the national standard exams taken at the end of primary school.

young boy singing

Students love to sing!

All students need uniforms. $4,272

You can be a hero! $12 buys a new uniform.

Donate to EDAPO Primary School (EPS)

Your tax-deductible gift will support to pay the salaries and other expenses of EPS so that the school can expand to become a stable Peace-Creating community for Uganda.

EDAPO school still needs kitchen and dining buildings $9,000

and a water well $8,500 (water is trucked to the school site).

outdoor cooking

Students no longer need to take the bus a long way to school.

out of bus

in the bus

With the help of generous donors from around the world 3 dormitories are being built at the new location in time for the 2018 school year, which begins this month, February 2018.

Be a super hero...now you can help get them beds and other supplies!

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For only $40/ month (tax deductible), you can fully support an EDAPO child with food, clothing and a very special primary education.

You can arrange this through a PayPal account. If you do not already have one, it is easy to set up and manage as needed. Just enter the amount per month you wish to donate, click on the Donate button, and follow the prompts!

Sponsor a student with
a regular monthly donation through PayPal.
Even $10 a month will help.
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