Welcome to Seeds of Heaven!

We support life-changing projects in 30 countries.

Growing peaceful, prosperous communities in troubled areas with Consciousness-based, holistic solutions.


Proven holistic approach

Our proven approach ensures your support gives the maximum, long-lasting effect.


You can help:

boost the pioneering efforts of a new girls’ school in Uganda

support a team of peace makers in the Middle East or Latin America

train teachers from Africa to relieve stress and suffering in their countries.

      And more... 


  • You will have a real, lasting impact on a life,and contribute to generating peace worldwide.

 A new seed for a new crop

It takes a new seed to yield a new crop. Growing heaven on earth is no more impossible than growing an apple tree— just know what seeds to plant and how to nourish them. By supporting these special projects, you grow hope, opportunity, peace, and prosperity—heaven on earth—where they are needed most.

Learn about our projects here and plant your own Seeds of Heaven!