EDAPO Primary School, Uganda

Economic Development and Aids Prevention Organization (EDAPO) in Central Uganda supports 600 HIV/Aids Orphans and children at risk. EDAPO has its own primary school for 356 children. EDAPO students gathering for celebration

An atmosphere of warmth and love nurtures and protects the tender hearts of these children who are either orphans or whose families cannot afford to keep them.

Happy boys on beds w backpacksThese happy boys are grateful for their dormitory built this year. Two dormitories were built for girls. One more is needed for boys.

Each child has a solar lamp for light when walking outside and to use inside the dorms.

solar lamps for each child


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classroom meditation EDAPO uses the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique to create more hopeful outcomes for the children. Students practice the TM technique together twice a day.

TM has been well documented to improve academic performance, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve health.

Children walking meditationYounger children have a special "walking meditation" technique.

 EDAPO Primary School has earned an excellent reputation for its orderliness and success in the national standard exams taken at the end of primary school. The orphanage provides~~

Fresh, organic food from EDAPO Farms. 

Free medical and dental care to complement the health benefits of TM.

Standard academic disciplines to prepare students for secondary school.


Students love to sing and dance at celebrations!

 EDAPO students singing and dancing

Festive balloons added to festive celebration opening the dorms this year.

Ribbon cutting for entry close up


~~Without doubt, these EDAPO children are blessed and are becoming ideal, enlightened, resourceful persons who will play a big role in helping Uganda, Africa, and the world to overcome the ongoing challenges. And they will bring up great families, which are the cornerstone to the building of the nation. We provide them with knowledge of how to live life in a way that is healthy, happy, and life-supporting.~~ Mark Mugabe, Director

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Orphan students pay no fees. Your tax-deductible gift will help pay salaries and other expenses of EPS so the school can expand to become a stable Peace-Creating community for Uganda.



Salaries to complete what is owed this school year $11,000 Soon EDAPO will have a mill that farmers in the area can use to grind their grains. The income from this venture will give EDAPO more self-sufficiency to buy clothes and food not provided by EDAPO farm. It will also help pay salaries. In the meantime, help is needed to pay the 33 dedicated teachers and staff. Here are some of them with Dr. Jim Schaefer, member of the Seeds of Heaven Board of Directors, during his visit to the school last June.

EDAPO teachers 6.18

Boys' dormitory $18,000 One more dorm will allow each boy to have his own bed. Now the boys share beds.

Meditation tent and chairs $2,500

Meditation by the adults is done outside. During the long rainy season...they get wet!

Finish security wall around the campus $7,800

The wall that is needed to protect the children is just half finished.


                One-time donation


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For only $67/ month (tax deductible), you can fully support an EDAPO child with food, clothing, medicines and a very special primary education.

You can arrange this through a PayPal account. If you do not already have one, it is easy to set up and manage as needed. Just enter the amount per month you wish to donate, click on the Donate button, and follow the prompts!

boy for meals
Sponsor a student with
a regular $67 monthly donation through PayPal.
Even $10 a month will help.
Enter monthly amount and click Donate

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